Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Gather 'round, lil' ones, for I'm going to tell you a story... a story about some high school girls. No, not that kind of story... one much more common, really.

Y'see, these girls, named Chiyo, Tomo, Yomi, Sakaki, Kagura and Osaka, are just... well, normal. They don't turn into super-powered beings able to right all the wrongs of the universe. They don't pilot fearsome high-tech battle machines. They don't angst all over the place. They're just six friends going through high school.

...and that's why I love Azumanga Daioh so much. They're real people (or at least as real as people in high school ever get) with real emotions, problems, eccentricities (oh, boy, do some of them have eccentricities) and talents. For example, Chiyo is a genius who seems to be able to do anything she sets her mind to... except she's 10 years old, and was promoted into high school because of her abilities.. She's the smallest person in her class, and any sort of physical activity seems to be beyond her (as one would expect, really).

Actually, she's the sort of kid genius that could easily be annoying... but she makes up for it by wielding the Power of the Cute Side. Nobody resents her for being a genius; she just IS... and she's a child, too.

All of the girls are like that: Sakaki is the tall, athletic, beautiful loner that everybody admires... but she's a loner because nobody will approach her BECAUSE she's the tall, athletic yadda yadda. She really likes cute things, like panda bears and cats, and that's out of place, too. Tomo and Yomi are friends from waaaaay back: Yomi the practical one (who constantly tries to lose weight), Tomo the overly hyper one. How Yomi doesn't kill Tomo is one of life's great mysteries, but they've been friends for so long, they're used to each other. Kagura is the true athlete of the bunch, who believes Sakaki is her rival... but is surprised when she realizes that Sakaki doesn't care about sports (Kagura joins the cast late, having been in a different classroom to start out).

And then there's Osaka. She's a bit... different. She thinks differently than everybody else; if it's a straight line between A and G, she's more likely to wind up getting there via Q. And pi. Not to mention ocelot. But she gets there, eventually... and hilariously.

There's no nudity, there's no violence (well, unless you count Yomi hauling off on Tomo once or twice... call it comedic violence), there's just life. And cats. If you're an anime fan and you haven't seen Azumanga Daioh yet, you owe it to yourself. If you're NOT an anime fan, but you're open to a show that's more fun than Friends could ever hope to be, give it a whirl. Five stars, and I'd give it more if it was possible.


At 6/15/2005 04:36:00 PM, Blogger Rightwingsparkle said...

My hotmail is screwing up. I e-mailed you but it came back or said delayed or something. Anyway! I know nothing of your two interests, but good luck blogging!

No picture though...;-(

At 6/16/2005 12:10:00 AM, Blogger Wonderduck said...

Sparkly! My 'blogmom! I know you don't know squat about these things... that's why I'm doing it, maybe somehow I can sucker someone else into becoming fans down the line...

At 6/17/2005 03:43:00 AM, Blogger Pixy Misa said...

Azumanga Daioh is one of the most charming anime shows to come out in years. It's just absolutely delightful, for all the reasons you said.

P.S. Would you like a munu blog? Always room for one more anime fan. :)

At 6/17/2005 09:47:00 AM, Blogger Wonderduck said...

Picture, if you will, a duck with his bill open in shock and surprise.

That's me, after being visited by one of my personal 'blog gods.' Pixy Misa... great googly moogly.

We'll be talking soon!


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